Australia  - Big Step for Retired Racers.

As Reported in the Paulick Report

Worker Bee Cleaning Herself
Some Good News On Animal Testing

Some Good News On Animal Testing

Meet Skye 
All he wanted to do was play.
Mother Nature Seeks Revenge

Tere Albanese - Animal Instincts Publications - For the Love of All Animals and Their Stories     

Bi-Partisan Effort  Ending Cruel Experiments

Abused Dog's Story
Bi-Partisan Effort Ending Cruel Experiments
Tilikum's tragic story as published in Veganlife.

Watch this little lady worker bee enjoy giving herself a bath in the sun.

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New Facility for Retired Race Horses
Brazil's Rain Forest

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George Knapp-Street Talk Channel 8 LV
Raccoons in Storm Drain

Look what I captured on video when two adolescent raccoons try to explore  Downtown Pasadena in broad daylight!

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Killing the Earth